Art News & The New Museum / by Cornelius

On Friday, October 28th we had the opportunity to get the inside scoop on how an art magazine operates--it was a lot different than I expected prior. We also go to see the exhibitions in the New Museum, and that experience was indeed out of this world.

Although we went in to meet with a representative for Art News, we ended up getting a two-for-one deal because a representative from Art In America also spoke with us; both of their names were Katie. Going into this meeting, I was expecting that magazines were created via the collaboration of dozens of individuals piecing together the layouts, content, images, writing, and such...but it turns out, both Katies basically entirely create their respective magazine's issue each time. This was incredible to learn because a lot of work goes into creating a new issue of a magazine and to be almost solely responsible for it seems a little daunting. When it came time to ask questions about their process, I asked about what software they use to facilitate the transition from concept to finalized design. They answered with various adobe programs--all of the ones I have experience using. I am now considering working for a magazine! I think it is so cool how both Katies can go to work everyday and put to use their creativity and time management in the context of an art world that they love to be a part of.

Upon entry to the New Museum, I went to the first floor where I was met by a nest of beds strewn throughout the showing space. Above those beds filled with viewers (some who even appeared to have fallen asleep) were two large projections spanning most of the ceiling in blob-like forms. The artist, Pipilotti Rist, was inviting the viewer to interact with the be a part of it. The installation was filled with a combination of nature noises that mimics a sort of white noise machine and the images that glided across the screen were very organic and intimate. I personally did not lay down on one of the beds because to me, I could imagine (on a microscopic scale), the sights and sounds present in the installation were occurring in the form of weird germs from the countless people who have laid prior.

My favorite work displayed at the New Museum was a small projection that I stumbled across on the floor. It was essentially a loop of the viewer peering and accelerating towards the artist's mouth and emerging out of her butt hole. The camera was constantly moving and it created a hypnotic effect that put me into a trance. This is such a strange sentence to respond to this piece with but: never before have I stared at someone's mouth and anus for so long that I actually felt as if I was traveling through her body. It is this type of interaction with the viewer that I love with certain artists work. In a weird way, the works of Rist reminded me of the massive works of Richard Serra with how interactive they are with including the viewer into the work.