New Beginnings / by Cornelius


I get inspired, uninspired, distracted, and lazy in waves. Right now I'm coming out of a tsunami of poopy. Nothing bad happened to me to cause this really, I just think it's part of my creative cycle. Anyway, I want to let you all know that summer is almost over and artage will commence in a few weeks. So let me tell you whats in store for the future.

  • Senior Studio-
    • At my school (Drew University) there is an a program for seniors within the Studio Art major called...Senior Studio. I really don't know all that much about it but I'll be taking it over the course of the whole school year. Basically, I think i will be getting a little sliver of studio space to create whatever art I want. That simplified version of it sounds pretty cool but I'm sure there's a catch. I'll probably be censored or something. if that's the case, my soul mission in live will be to make very weird offensive shit for that class. Regardless, I will be producing more art! For Sure! I Swear! I'm not entirely sure what medium to focus on quite yet but I'll just go with the flow and see how it goes.
  • New Pins-
    • So I just ordered a batch of new pins from a sketchy Chinese factory worker over Instagram. The previous company I used for the other pins has super shitty customer service (don't give PinDepot your money) so I went off the reservation. What is the design you may ask? It's just some cherry boobs. Your average run-of-the-mill cherry boobies. I have the image up on my shop right now. It currently says it's sold out but I just didn't get the final product together yet is all. This one is going to be even cooler because there's a cutout where the stems touch--super fancy. Besides that design, I'm sure I will be designing a few more in the near future, keep an eye out!
  • NY Contemporary Art Semester-
    • Also affiliated with my school is a program that takes us into NYC to, i believe, galleries, studios, and museums to learn about da arts. It's required for the Studio Art major but I think it will be pretty cool. The shitty part about it is that its an Art History course and I really fucking hate Art History. Maybe I'll get a little inspiration though.
  • Printmaking III-
    • Okay! This is my third time taking Printmaking at school because the professor, Ahni Kruger, is just awesome. To be honest, I don't really even like the kind of printmaking we do all that much but she's just really cool. We do a lot of etching, aquatint, woodblock, and lino prints but in my dream world, screen printing would replace all of those. I never really post any of my projects online because they don't look that professional. But hey, this is my third time taking the course, maybe I'll be a little better this time around. I have some rough ideas of what I want to produce as of now. I'll be sure to post them on this here Blerg--the good, the bad, and the ugly included.

Well I'm going to stop writing about my future plans because no one is even reading this! And because I'm so certain that's true, I'll say: AYOOOOO TITTY FACE WHAT'S GOOOOOOOOD BITCHHHH

ttyl lysm lol gtg pos bye