Angry Lad Pin for Cool People Only / by Cornelius

The pins have been ordered! Super pumped about it. Super. Duper. It's funny how fast this is coming together--a few weeks ago it was just an idea and now I'm building my website and getting a shipment of pins in within the next 1-2 weeks. The website and pins cost me two-thirds of my paycheck, but as the young whippersnappers of today like to say, "yolo swag money bitches". I decided to produce the pin design in gray. Out of the people I surveyed, the gray pin was sliiiiightly a crowd favorite (see options below). To be honest, it was my favorite as well because I personally don't like wearing colors. I'm super emo punk goth and no one understands me.

Number 4 came in second. Then 3. Then 2. Sorry little buddies, you'll live on in our hearts.

Next thing that needs to be done is the product packaging. I plan on designing a cool business card, front and back, for the pin to be placed through. It won't really be a business card though. It will just be business card shaped, you know? I will for sure get that design done by the end of next week--in time for the pin to go live on TheRealCornelius Shop. When it goes live, be sure to share the link with friends, family, neighbors, cats, dogs, and frogs so I can continue to produce more pins for you all. Next pin in the works is going to be a hit so it's important to get the word out there.

Okay, so I'll tell you a little about this design now. This character started as a character tag, in lieu of writing my name on things...things, wink SATs and ACTs, you know. I was never really good with letters, but that's a blerg (blog) post for another day. Anyway, this guy has been present through my short lived time in the "game". If you can even call my contribution a contribution, this guy was it. I mostly just doodle him on everything at school and work now. But the fact of the matter is, he's angry floating head of a lad with a stylish hairdo to end all hairdos...and now he can be yours, nestled into the dank warmth of your sweaty clothing--showing the world just how stylishly angry and angsty you truly are.

Ugh, no one understands us.