Peel Back - Animated Installation / by Cornelius

In my latest project entitled Peel Back, I bring together the forces of shitty animation and misguided imagery to create an impenetrable wall of fine art. In order to do this, I’m actively acquiring a minimum of nine crt monitors and dvd players to bring digital back to analog. There is something truly nostalgic about watching an animated cartoon on an old television; I trivialize that sentimental feeling with questionable and unsettling content. Each monitor will display a different six second animated clip--revealed by a curtain and then subsequently obscured by the same curtain. This process will be looped for one hour. The monitors will be flipping out of sync from one another, making it difficult to consume the wall of fine art as you would a static image. The viewer’s eyes are forced to jump between monitors as they become closed off from and then reintroduced to the content repeatedly, emulating the sporadic process of content consumption we humans crave.