Cornelius is currently a student at Drew University where he plans to graduate with honors in 2017 as a double major in Economics and Studio Art.

Stemming from his interest in graffiti and street art, he began using the tag name Cornelius in 2012 because he thought it would be refreshing to break the mold of the standard 3-5 letter name. In his work, you’ll find a variety of styles and mediums ranging from canvas paintings to animations, but the majority of his art is approached with a graphic/cartoon aesthetic.

In 2014, he founded TheRealCornelius as an extension to his studio art career. It serves as the vehicle for customer’s graphic design and commission needs. 



I grew up on the outside looking in at the culture of graffiti and street art. My graphic style budded from the clean and stable lines in which writers strive to master and was further underlined by the exactness of vector-based digital art. While there wasn’t a thriving graffiti culture in rural New Jersey, my inspirations came from the internet. I currently work primarily with acrylic on canvas and within digital mediums. I believe my work and ideas can manifest in any and every medium-- and although my style might shift between mediums, key components in my art include bold linework, vibrant colors, and subjective humor.

Most of what I know about the world has been stuffed into my conscious by way of media consumption. Whether it be internet or television; it’s hard to know what’s real and it’s even harder to understand everything we’re told to care about. I often take a step back from my screen to recognize the endless stream of content we worship. My work pieces together fragments of the confusing world we inhabit with a focus in re-contextualizing familiar objects and ideas. I mash together everyday thoughts, experiences, and iconography into various lumps of absurdity floating around the realm of discomfort. In a sense, I am synthesizing the kind of weird universe I want to see as a reprieve from the one we are in.